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A Rundown of Cycling Gear

  • A Rundown of Cycling Gear

PleaThe sheer amount of cycling-related gear available in your typical bike shop is staggering. There are special helmets and water-bottles, hardened, carbon fiber spokes and bike-frames, UV protection glasses and various, colorful IDs. But the truth is, most people are more than happy to ride in their normal clothes with a backpack for carrying stuff around, which begs for the question: which pieces of cycling gear are an absolute necessity and which are considered to be accessories?  

The helmet

A decent cycling helmet is the single most important and overlooked piece of cycling gear. It protects your head against falls and accidents, which can be particularly nasty when there’s a bike involved. Getting the most advanced, carbon-reinforced, ultra-light helmet isn’t really necessary unless you’re a professional rider and for beginner riders, the cheaper version offers more than adequate protection. Just avoid getting a used helmet, as it might contain micro fractures which aren’t perceivable by the naked eye and might not offer the most optimal protection.

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Another overlooked piece of cycling gear, gloves are must-have protection against road vibration. They are not only ideal for those who enjoy long rides and off-road cycling, but also offer a great deal of protection in case you happen to fall. Most of them are reinforced with additional padding on the palms and knuckles and have cut-outs for your fingers.

Cycling glasses

Cycling glasses are not only used to protect your eyes from the sun. They also prevent any insects from getting lodged in your eyes, which can be very dangerous when you’re on the open road. God forbid you flinch too hard or too sudden, you’ll be off your bike in a heartbeat. Look for cycling glasses with interchangeable lenses, this way you’ll be able to adapt to any condition you might experience while riding.

Road ID

Road ID is a piece of cycling safety equipment you should never leave your house without. In the unfortunate event that you experience a crash, the road ID is there to let your fellow cyclists and the paramedics know whether you suffer from any allergies, what’s your blood type and provides them with the necessary contact information.

Flat-repair kit

Flat tires are extremely common in the cycling world and every cyclist should have the necessary equipment and know you to fix a flat. A classic tire-repair kit includes an additional tube, a patching kit, various tire levers and a pump. Make sure you have your multi-tool with you or you’ll have a hard time fixing and changing a flat tire.

Bike Clothing

There’s a big difference between professional cycling clothes and the ones used for training purposes. Professional ones are extremely expensive and they might just be the deciding factor between a win or a loss for a pro cyclist, but for a beginner, they are simply a waste of money. Training shorts and tops, on the other hand, are designed to be sleek and comfortable and can really help amateurs get used to wearing the appropriate cycling apparel. But even if they only serve for training purposes, the shorts and tops need to be made with quality in mind and the renowned Twotags is one of the companies which strikes just the right balance between quality and overall price.

As you can see, you don’t need to buy every single cycling accessory you lay your eyes on in the shop. Gloves, a helmet, and eyeglasses are extremely important, and so is having the necessary tools needed to repair a flat tire. You don’t have to buy shorts and tops made from space-grade materials, but cycling clothing is there to ease the ride and help beginners to get used to wearing formal cycling attire. Getting the most expensive gear is a waste of money unless you’re a professional, but at the same time, avoid getting cheap gear as it is almost always made using low-quality enter your text here

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